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Members are requested to  Pre-Register for club rides on the Cycleclub App. 

Click on the Calendar Events for Ride Details


Calendar of Events


Our Ride Leader do their best to announce ride cancellations via the CycleClub App and the Ride Board 1-2 hours before the ride start. Please beaware that club rides will be cancelled as an insured and sanctioned ride due to weather if:

  • It is raining at the start of the ride.

  • There is a forecast of 70% POP or more of rain or lightning or extremely high wind or gusts (50km/h+) on the day of the ride.

A cancelled ride does not mean you cannot ride, it just means that we do not recommend you ride and that Ride Leaders will not be credited or attending in that capacity. For safety reasons we cannot sanction it.


The Board and Ride Leaders will monitor weather conditions regularly before rides. Club rides will not begin during conditions of thunder and lightning, excessively high winds or in the unlikely event of a possible tornado.

If lightning or thunder occur during a ride, the ride will be stopped and the ride no longer sanctioned. Riders should immediately seek shelter*. The ride will not be considered sanctioned again until 30 minutes have passed since the last occurrence of lightning or thunder. The Ride Leader(s) in consultation with the ride participants may choose to wait safely* and restart a sanctioned ride, otherwise the ride is considered over and ride participants may make their way home safely.

*A safe shelter is defined as a sturdy building that has metal plumbing or wiring, or both, to electrically ground the structure. A shed or a shack is not a safe shelter. If no shelter is available, stay low, stay away from tall or individual trees, lone objects (flagpoles), metal objects, standing pools of water, and open fields. Avoid close contact with others by maintaining a distance of 15-20 feet.

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