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Cobourg Cycling Club Reduces Fees

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Local Cycling Club Reduces Fees Significantly

The Cobourg Cycling Club (CCC) is happy to announce some very welcome news to the local cycling community.

As an incentive to attract riders to join, the CCC is significantly reducing its membership fees for 2022 by $55/person. This represents a reduction of approximately 50% with the new price for membership fees now set at only $55.29. This includes group lead rides, among other things, while for youth this includes free coaching for a better and safer ride. Please note that any current members who have already paid in full will receive their rebates shortly.

The funding to make this possible has been provided by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Culture Industries and Ontario Cycling. The club wishes to thank them and acknowledge their generous support.

The club would also like to remind readers that with the high cost of fuel, even more money can be saved by switching to Pedal Power!

To register go to Further details about rides and events are provided on the club website:, the club’s Facebook page or

Thank you for your support for the Cobourg Cycling Club, where cycling is better together.


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