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Local Cycling Club Receives Significant Government Grant

The Cobourg Cycling Club (CCC) is excited to announce it recently applied for and successfully qualified for a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Culture Industries and Ontario Cycling.

The club was established in 1974, and as such is one of the oldest clubs in Ontario. Rich in tradition and excellence the CCC’s riders have garnered many local, provincial, national and international awards within cycling and related endurance sports.

The club exists as a not-for-profit club which is a long time member in good standing with the Ontario Cycling Association, and its board of directors & riders fully insured. Financially the club has always operated prudently, able to balance its books and attract new riders.

However, with the hardship and difficulties imposed by covid-19 and ensuing shutdowns & restrictions, sports and cycling were particularly hard hit with both dwindling membership and financial restrictions. This has had a “domino effect” in that with fewer members there is a reduced volunteer base from which to develop support, so other issues such as fewer rides, cancelled events and cancelled programming are appearing.

Components of the club have included road and trail/gravel rides, for youth and adults, both for recreation and competitive formats. Recent updates have been made to the club’s mission statement, policies and regulations to comply with equity, diversity and inclusion criteria. Further details are provided on the club website:, the club’s facebook page or

The club has worked with local agencies for community fundraising, the Town of Cobourg for improvements to the cycling corridors, and local partners to improve the profile of cycling within Northumberland County. Harold Kuschnik, secretary of the club emphasises that “Local support is essential at all levels to bring about developments in our cycling community, because cycling together is better. With the external support the $12,000 of grant money provides, now is the time for internal (i.e. Cobourg and community) support to make this happen.”

The funding application highlighted the need for assistance via the club’s Plan to Rebuild - 2022. The club has already begun the hiring process for both a General Manager and Youth Coach with the money provided. Details will be forthcoming. The club acknowledges and thanks all of its members and volunteers, welcoming them back to the club.


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