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Monday Night Crit #1

We had a great first night of riding, participants:

Greg Cushing,

Dennis Poort,

Jamie Barnes,

Chuck Cudmore,

Matt Hunter,

Dan Daniels, (marshalling)

The group did 11 laps of the old coke plant. The first 8 they all rode together as a group focusing on echeloning and pace lining, A great opportunity to work on bike handling and general all around fitness. With three laps remainIng Bmonster rang the bell and the rides increase there efforts pushed harder to the end with Matt Hunter crossing the line first follow closely by Greg Cushing, Chuck Cudmore snd Dennis Poort.

All in all a terrific night of training. A special thanks to Dan Daniela for showing up to help Support the event while taking pictures at one of the corners.

Finally big thanks to Braeden Baitley (aka Bmonster) for taking care of the lap counting and marshalling of one of the corners.

Hope to see more CCC members out next Monday night at 5:30 for some exciting fast pedalling.



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