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To All Members: Past, Present & Future

Hello Cobourg Cycling Club Members

It has been a long, drawn out affair navigating the recent global pandemic.

Fortunately for us, we live in the best country in the world.

Our governments, though not perfect, did what they could to get us through.

We do not have to like every move that comes from our leaders, but we must respect the fact that this was not a normal problem.

With that ramble out of the way, I have good news for you.

On behalf Cobourg Cycling Club's Board of Directors, I want to invite each of you back into the Club.

Not unlike our levels of government, the Board has had its hands full of new and often difficult decisions to make over the past few years...

The good news is, the Board of Directors has chosen to subsidize your Club member fee for 2022.

The Cobourg Cycling Club will pay for your club member fee only.

This does not include the OCA fee, it does not cover the CCN fee and this is not for the OCA insurance fee.

The long story short, is that this is a value of about $50/member.

There may be a couple of hiccups with the CCN site behind the scenes to make this work properly, but in the end, we will each get a little helping hand.

We are slowly getting our ride calendar up to date as well.

Stay tuned, there are definitely more details to follow.

Ride safely and keep the rubber side down,



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