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Tyers For The Win

The Monday Night Crit #3 was held in perfect weather, a warm night with almost no wind.

In attendance was Greg Cushing, Dennis Poort, Chuck Cudmore, TJ Adams, Craig Wilson, Bruce Patterson, Josh Tyers. The group of seven rode very well and smooth around the 3km loop, working on rotations and cornering. With each lap the pace of the group slowly increased until they reached the final corner where a challenging 350 meter sprint awaited them, daring anyone to take a chance and gamble by trying to ride away from the group. Young 13 year old Josh Tyers, answered the call and jumped to the outside of the group, forcing the group to chase. Josh finished with a solid first place sprint to the line where Dad (Bryan) was cheering from the sidelines.

Another awesome night of crit riding! Thanks to our volunteers! Thanks to all the riders for showing up! Hope to see everyone out next Monday at 5:30pm (sign-in and warm-up) Diamond Head Industrial. Pre-registration can be done through the Cylceclub app,


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