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Wrapping Up The Season

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Don’t miss out on these two great rides we have lined up for this week! We’ve got a daytime ride on Friday and an all day, burn off the Turkey ride happening on holiday Monday. Even if you haven’t made it out yet on a ride with us, you still have a chance. Hope to see you there!



Join Dan on Friday October 8th, 9am start from Cobourg for the final Daytime Ride of the Season. Details available in CycleClub App.

Our Season Finale ride will be happening on The Millennium Trail. We’ll have 2 distance options: a 100K and a 50K-ish distance. This trail is nice and hard packed so road bikes are totally fine. We plan to keep the pace social and to stop for food and drink after we have picked up the 50Kers. Register Via CycleClub App and drop a note in the Discussion to say which distance you are planning.


We’ll be back in touch with news on the AGM and a call for the 2022 Board Of Directors!


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